EPA Healthy Communities Grant Program

EPA is making grant money available for New England communities to reduce environmental risks, protect and improve human health and improve the quality of life.  

EPA New England’s Healthy Communities Grant Program is currently accepting initial proposals for projects that will benefit one or more New England communities.

The Healthy Communities Grant Program will identify and fund projects that:
•    Target resources to benefit communities at risk [areas needing to create community resilience, environmental justice areas of potential concern, sensitive populations (e.g. children, elderly, tribes, urban/rural residents, and others at increased risk)].
•    Assess, understand, and reduce environmental and human health risks.
•    Increase collaboration through partnerships and community-based projects.
•    Build institutional and community capacity to understand and solve environmental and human health problems.
•    Advance emergency preparedness and ecosystem resilience.
•    Achieve measurable environmental and human health benefits.

Learn more and apply at: https://www3.epa.gov/region1/eco/uep/pdfs/HC2017RFP.pdf