2018 OMEGA Summit!

OMEGA was created by the MIT AgeLab to support the development and growth of student programs and clubs that connect high school students with older adults. The goal of OMEGA is to strengthen relationships and promote connections across generations. The annual OMEGA Summit is an opportunity for high school students to to connect across generations, brainstorm and share programming ideas, and plan intergenerational programs and projects in their schools and communities. Students will collaborate with the MIT AgeLab’s Lifestyle Leaders panel, practitioners whose work connects older and younger adults, and AgeLab researchers to brainstorm ideas and develop leadership skills. Students will also learn about the OMEGA scholarship available in the spring for high school juniors and seniors. The 2018 OMEGA summit will be held on Saturday, October 20th, from 10-2pm at the MIT AgeLab in Cambridge, MA. RSVP using the form below by Monday, October 15th! Please direct any questions to omegamit@mit.edu.


Learn more here: http://agelab.mit.edu/2018-omega-summit