Monthly Scoop: September 2020

Our 8th season of Boston Bridge opened with a stimulating and thought-provoking presentation by Maureen Bisognano. Maureen founded “What Matters To You” ( and she shared its inception and so many success stories with us. WMTY is a global movement that has positive health outcomes for older adults. Instead of asking “What is the matter?”, we need to be empathetic and ask, “What Matters to You?” Maureen urged us to adopt this in both our professional and personal lives. Thank you Maureen for an inspiring talk.



Take Action

  • Having recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage/the 19th Amendment, and the importance of the Black Lives Matter Movement emphasizing the need for justice concerning systemic racism in America, this November’s election is crucial for our country. Rewire, a non-profit journalism website by the Twin Cities PBS station, reviews a book entitled She Votes – which could be an incentive to remind everyone you know to vote!
  • Please log on to the website to see what Maureen Bisognano was sharing at our virtual meeting. While we may not understand the languages, we will understand the message. Try to pass this information on and make empathy a significant part of our work with older adults.

Stay well and healthy. We look forward to “seeing” you again at our October 21st meeting.

Colleen Morrissey and Barbara Friedman, Boston Bridge Board Members