Monthly Scoop: September 2019

Thank you to Adam Berman, President of Chelsea Jewish LifeCare and Vice Chair of the Mass Senior Care Association, for speaking with us on Wednesday. Adam shared an inspiring, and yet honest, appraisal of the skilled nursing facility situation in Massachusetts, which clearly is facing challenges as demographics rapidly change. While the image of nursing facilities is often grim, Chelsea Jewish has lifted that image with its Greenhouse Legacy Model. Kudos to them for meeting the challenge with ingenuity and innovation. 


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For Our October Meeting:

  • October Speaker:
    • Boston Bridge Board Member Amy Walsh will present a community awareness training on dementia at our next meeting. Amy is a Dementia Friends Champion representing Dementia Friendly MA. We look forward to your joining us on October 16, 2019.

The NY Times has published many articles recently about aging. Aside from their usual coverage, they added a section in the Business pages titled “The New Retirement”.  A sign of the times to be sure! The Scoop aims to search out many different sources for articles, but for this issue, it seemed important to highlight many of these valuable articles.

  • Read this article about why many women in their prime earning years are not working: they’re caring for an aging parent. 
  • Scams have always been an issue for older adults; this report explains why older adults are the most vulnerable.
  • The Longevity Revolution is global, and public policies and programs will need to adapt to rapidly changing worldwide population demographics. Here is an article about retirement in nine different countries.
  • Positive, optimistic and courageous are words that can apply to any age. But many people do not think it applies to older adults. Check out this NY Times article: “Finding Meaning and Happiness in Old Age”.
  • If transportation is a big issue for older adults, why aren’t they using Uber or Lyft as often as expected? Find out why here.
  • It seems a fatal fungus is spreading among patients in some nursing homes. Learn about this difficult situation here.

In Other News Media Sources:

  • Read this article about how the opioid epidemic and other substance abuse has created more situations where grandparents are caring for and raising their grandchildren, and has become a nationwide issue.
  • Learn whether supercentenarians really reach the age of 110 years, or if bad record keeping is creating errors.
  • From Joseph Coughlin, Founder & Director of the MIT AgeLab, and a very good friend to Boston Bridge: explore this article in the MIT Technology Review on the invention of ‘old age’. 
  • Finally, a reminder that in the midst of worldly chaos and angst, it is important to also read about the goodness that exists. Take a little extra time to read this heart-warming short story. It is a tale of a simple kindness done for an older woman, and reminds us that kindness can be life-changing. As the author puts it, “great moments often catch us unawares.” Perhaps as we all interact with older people, we too can find some “great moments.” 

We look forward to seeing you in October!

Barbara Friedman and Colleen Morrissey, Boston Bridge Board Members

Ilana Klarman, past editor of the Scoop, has resigned from the Board of Boston Bridge. We wish her well in her upcoming marriage and relocation to Washington, D.C., and we offer sincere thanks for the many wonderful issues of the Scoop she edited.