Monthly Scoop: November 2019

Thank you to Boston Bridge member Roberta Robinson for speaking with us last Wednesday about the PACE program. Despite many of us knowing a little about PACE, her extensive experience and expertise helped clarify and provide needed details about this important program. 


  • Job Board:
    • Many new jobs were mentioned and will be added to our job board. This is a good resource for those seeking employment and we hope will be checked regularly. 
  • Membership Dues
    • New members are encouraged to join Boston Bridge! Our membership dues cycle is from September 2019 through June 2020. Dues are $30 for professionals and $20 for students. To join or to renew your membership, please click here

For Our December Meeting:Join us at our December meeting for a thought provoking discussion with City Life/Vida Urbana Executive Director Lisa Owens. Lisa is a local educator, community builder, and social justice advocate and will lead us in a discussion about social justice and the importance of taking time to reflect on topics vital to a successful society. We look forward to seeing you there!


  • Thoughtful and lovely poetry can be shared by people experiencing dementia. Read this article about the Alzheimer’s Poetry Project.
  • The AgeLab recently hosted a symposium entitled, “Caregiving in the 21st Century”. A few pieces of information worth sharing:
    • The typical caregiver demographic has changed – there are more than 40 million caregivers in the US and nearly 25% of them are millennials
    • 40% of caregivers are men and 50% are millennial men
    • Millennials can use company/organization benefits to care for parents and grandparents, so advocating for caregiving benefits in the workplace is worth doing
    • And check out this website called Working Daughter, which evolved from one woman’s experience with extreme stress while caregiving for her parents and husband.
  • Are nurses prepared (and willing) to treat the rapidly growing older generation? This article explores that issue, including the stereotypes that still surround aging.
  • In the last issue of the Scoop, we saw that many older people do not use Lyft or Uber despite needing transportation. Read how, with training, older people would more readily use the ride-sharing services, and they would use it to avoid social isolation as well as for transport. 
  • Massachusetts cities and towns are quickly becoming Age-Friendly. Is Springfield, MA the best place in America to grow old? Find out here
  • A new alternative to the typical C.C.R.C. has arisen and is gaining some momentum. It is called C.C.R.C without walls. Buying in to the C.C.R.C. program allows you to remain in a private home and receive at-home nursing care when needed. This NY Times article explains.
  • Anti-boomer sentiment is on the rise! This movement is reported in an article that may fuel further aging stereotypes and contribute to a new generation gap, or perhaps wake up the boomer generation to their own negative impact on society and motivate solutions. Can this be resolved easily?  You decide after reading this article.
  • Taking away the car keys is hard for family members of parents possibly experiencing dementia. But what about taking away the ability to use online technology? This article explains that dilemma.

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Happy Thanksgiving!  We look forward to seeing you in December.

Barbara Friedman and Colleen Morrissey, Boston Bridge Board Members