Monthly Scoop: November 2015

Thank you to everyone who attended our meeting last night with Tim Boon of Good Shepherd Community Hospice. Even though our meetings now officially end at 7:45, I think we could have continued talking until 10pm!

Next Meeting

Please join us on Wednesday, December 16th for our second annual BBC – Boston Bridge Conversations. We will have small group discussions for the first part, and then extended networking time with home-cooked food by the board.

Boston Bridge Book Club

On December 2nd from 7-9pm, we will have our first Boston Bridge Book Club where we will be discussing Dr. Atul Gawande’s book Being Mortal, which could not be more relevant based on last night’s discussion. We will meet at the Panera in Coolidge Corner. Please email Sylvia Lewinstein to RSVP – otherwise she won’t be able to save you a seat!

Membership Dues

Boston Bridge relies on membership dues to support our ongoing growth and promote the sustainability of our organization. We are now collecting annual dues to begin or continue as a member. Annual membership dues are $30 for professionals and $20 for students. Membership benefits include:

  • informational and educational monthly meetings throughout the year, plus a members-only skill building workshop in June
  • the opportunity to have a mentor
  • access to a job board and membership directory on our website

You can send an updated membership form and check (payable to Boston Bridge) by mail to the treasurer Kelly Marcella at 12 Cottage Street, Apt 3, Boston, MA 02128 or you can submit your form and payment to Kelly at the next Boston Bridge Meeting.

If you believe in the mission of Boston Bridge, please consider supporting the organization by renewing your membership or joining today!

The JLSF Fund

Here is information about the latest round of the Jordan Liebhaber Scholarship Fund.

Application for the Jordan Liebhaber Scholarship – V7 Summer _ Fall 2015

JLSF Recipients, Round 3, Spring 2015, Final

Article, Articles!

Per our discussion last night and the recent Veteran’s Day holiday, this is an op-ed piece by a palliative care physician on how we can improve the end-of-life experience for hospital patients.

We touched on the theme of this piece  in our discussion last night, about the unequal utilization of palliative and hospice care between different racial groups in the US.

This is an  article in the Wall Street Journal that explores how negative stereotypes about aging can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, and how the flip side of positive thinking around aging can have mental and physical benefits.

This is a piece on the ever-widening doughnut hole of seniors who make too much money to qualify for many public benefits, but not nearly enough to pay for all of their expenses.

The title of this radio piece on NPR speaks for itself: “Gray-Haired Granny? An 85-Year-Old Writer Goes Punk Rock Instead”.

And now, for the moment you did not realize you’ve been waiting for, this year’s top 50 national Influencers in Aging!


Have a lovely Thanksgiving weekend, and we will see many of you in December.