Monthly Scoop: May 2019

Thank you to director of the Scandinavian Living Center Joe Carella for speaking with us about community-centered living as a way to create human connections naturally and thus make possible unlimited options for aging. 

For Our June Members Only Meeting:

  • June Speaker:
    • We look forward to welcoming Anne Grieves, Associate Director of Career Development at Northeastern University, private career coach, and team-building consultant to our members only meeting on Wednesday, June 19th. Please take a few minutes before you attend to complete the online version of the Myers-Briggs and bring your results with you.
  • Membership Dues
    • Non-members: be sure to bring a check for your yearly membership dues to our members only meeting on June 19th or pay online in advance. Our membership dues cycle is from September 2018 through June 2019: $30 for professionals and $20 for students. Membership is not pro-rated. Click here to pay online. 


  • A nursing home at Guantanamo Bay? A hospice care prison? A New York Times article explores, how do we support aging terrorism suspects? 
  • How can we address the plight of the “forgotten middle“: middle-income older adults who have too much money for Medicaid and too little to afford assisted living?
  • Read how robots can support older adults with companionship, rehab compliance, detecting change of status, and more. Would you want a robot in your home? 
  • Suicide prevention efforts are largely directed toward young adults and the middle-aged. A 6-month investigation suggests older adults in supported settings should also be a priority.
  • Find out how older adults in South Korea came together to save their town’s only school. 
  • Learn what the World Health Organization is doing to address ageism

Mixed Media

  • Did you know May is Older Americans Month? Learn about the history of Older Americans Month and this year’s theme: Connect, Create, Contribute. 
  • Looking to combat ageism? Check out Old School, a clearinghouse for vetted anti-ageism materials and resources.
  • Listen as Vermont Public Radio explains the plight of hospital patients with dementia waiting months, or even a year, for a nursing home bed. 
  • Learn about FRIEDA: a start-up whose mission is to “(re)connect generations” in a space designed for dining, learning, creating and more. 

We look forward to seeing many of you in June!
~Ilana Klarman, Boston Bridge Board Vice President