Monthly Scoop: May 2016

A huge thank you to Julie Plaut Mahoney and Arthur Glasgow for sharing their experiences and work with Newton at Home. We have touched upon the Village model in many of our sessions, and it was started with Beacon Hill Village (outlined in this Times article) but it was special to hear from those who are in the field on a daily basis. You can read more about Newton at Home in this Globe article

And this also brings us to the official end of our Boston Bridge year! As you can see in the attached Year in Review, we have been busy since September. A huge thank you to our board, our mentors, our speakers, and you as our membership for making this another successful year.

Upcoming Events

For those who are dues-paying members, we are excited to invite you to our first skill-building workshop on Wednesday, June 15th called “LinkedIn: Advanced Strategies for Building Your Personal Brand” with Katherine Kent of Jewish Vocational Services. Please look out for an RSVP email soon. 

And even sooner, Aging 2.0 Boston is hosting a Global Startup Search on Thursday, May 26th. More info and registration can be found here, and in the attached flyer. 


Many of you were kind enough to lend your time to Boston Globe writer Steve Maas as he researched programs for active seniors in the Boston suburbs. Click here to read the article, and also check out the sidebar with accompanying articles as well. 

There are many films and TV shows we have shared that feature older characters, but there is also the theater! Broadway’s The Father is about a man descending into senility, told through his lived experience. 

The opiate crisis is affecting MA residents of all ages, and there has been a correlated spike in elder abuse. Please make sure that the staff in your organizations know which signs to look for. 

And the world’s oldest living person, Susannah Mushatt Jones, just died, and you can read more about her life in this article. The distinction, at least in the US, now goes to a woman in Worcester, MA named Goldie Michelson


Elana and the rest of the board