Monthly Scoop: June 2019

Thank you to Anne Grieves for helping us better understand different personality traits and how we can pay attention to and alter our own behavior and approach based on the desired outcome of an interaction. 

Boston Bridge Announcement:

June was our last meeting of the year. Our next meeting will take place on September 18th, 2019. The speaker will be announced closer to September.

Articles & Mixed Media

  • What does it mean to live and die with dignity? What does that look like for someone with dementia? Listen to Terry Gross’ thoughtful interview with Dr. Tia Powell, author of “Dementia Reimagined“.
  • The UK Alzheimer’s Society encourages us all to start a conversation with people with dementia. Watch kids heed the call to action. 
  • What if we could change the experience of aging? What would that look like? Read or listen to this piece from the New Yorker to find out.
  • The Young@Heart Chorus is still going strong. Watch this clip to see how their work in prisons has evolved over the years. 
  • A “Chief Togetherness Officer”? “Nifty After Fifty” gyms? Read how one insurance/health care provider is leading the way to address loneliness in older adults.
  • Scammers are keeping busy, with fraud attempts on the rise. Their favorite target? Older adults. Learn more here.
  • Read about the benefits of tiny homes, also known as granny pods.
  • Check out the new Massachusetts Age and Dementia Friendly Toolkit.
  • Wondering what efforts are already underway to go from age segregated to age integrated? This Globe article highlights several.
  • Read this heartwarming story about Ruby, a fifth grader who took the time to ask residents of a nursing home about their wishes.

We look forward to seeing many of you in September!

~Ilana Klarman, Boston Bridge Board Vice President