Monthly Scoop: June 2016

A huge thank you to Katherine Kent for sharing her wisdom and helpful tips with our members on making LinkedIn work for us. We walked away with concrete steps to revamp our profiles, and an appreciation for the power of networking and connecting (although we already knew that at Boston Bridge 🙂 

We will be on hiatus for the summer months but we hope that you will continue to seek out aging-related programs in and around Boston. Our job board will continue to be updated and we will be here with any questions!

Loss of a Boston Bridge Supporter

One of our mentors and past speakers, Elaine Werby, recently died at the age of 95. She was a professor of housing and social policy at UMass Boston, and she helped to found the school’s gerontology program. She received all of our Boston Bridge emails, and frequently told me how impressed she was with our groups’s growth and progress. You can read more about her impressive life and career here

Board Changes

We are happy to announce that Ilana Klarman and Ariel Sherry will be joining the Boston Bridge board this summer. Ilana is the Enhanced Living Manager at Orchard Cove and Ariel is the founder and president of Age Together. 

This means that two of our board members are also leaving. 

Sylvia Lewinstein joined Boston Bridge last year and quickly made her mark on our group and on the board. She revamped our website, made us current with various social media platforms, and brought her compassion and creativity to every board meeting. Congratulations to Sylvia on her new job at Children’s Hospital – thank you deeply for your large contributions in a small amount of time.

And I (Elana) will also be leaving the board, because I am moving to New York this summer. The colleagues, mentors, and speakers that I have met through Boston Bridge have made my career and life here in Boston so rich and stimulating. You will no longer be hearing from me on a monthly basis via this Monthly Scoop, but one of our other trusty board members will take the helm. And I promise to visit! 

Thank you to each of you who is a part of the Boston Bridge network and community – we on the board take care of the details, but it is your passion, your innovative ideas, and simply your presence at our meetings that make Boston Bridge what it is. 

JLSF Application

Attached is the latest application for the Jordan Liebhaber Scholarship Fund. A number of Boston Bridge members have been recipients of this, so I hope many of you will consider applying. 

Articles, Articles

This article in Forbes Magazine outlines the distinction between success and significance, and how it affects baby boomers and Millenials in different ways. 

Julie Plaut Mahoney mentioned an article on the perils of corporate and group volunteering in nonprofit organizations, where many of us work. This is good food for thought!

Here is an article that outlines various senior or intergenerational residential communities, including the Treehouse at Easthampton Meadow in MA. 

Speaking of multiple generations, this short video highlights a unique program between English language learners in Brazil and seniors in an American retirement community. 

Current Events

For obvious reasons, gun control is a controversial and complicated topic in our country right now. Older adults are not immune either, as this article showcases. 

On a more positive note, MA was ranked the healthiest state for older adults!

And the Older Americans Act was recently reauthorized – you can read about it here

Vocabulary Lesson

I recently learned a new word about aging: senescence. It means “the process or state of growing old”

Here it is used in a sentence: 

  • The senescence of the remaining population earned the city the nickname “God’s waiting room.” NYT, May 30 2014 

I am going to close with a quote that reminds me of both the networking we do with each other, and the ways that we learn from our mentors and older adults.

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.” -Margaret Fuller, author (1810-1850 )

Please keep in touch with me via email (and LinkedIn, of course) and I look forward to staying in touch and hearing about the ways that you impact the lives of older adults.

All my best,