Monthly Scoop: January 2019

The Monthly Scoop:

A big thank you to Samantha Brady and Taylor Patskanick, researchers at the MIT AgeLab, for providing us with informative, interactive walking tours of their newly renovated space.

For Our February Meeting:

  • Location Reminder
    • Our February meeting will be held in our usual meeting place: MIT Sloan School of Management, 5th floor, Room 550.
  • February Speaker:
    • We look forward to welcoming our very own Ariel Sherry, Boston Bridge Board Member and Product Manager at Cake, to speak at our next meeting about innovations in end-of-life planning. 
  • Membership Dues
    • Our membership dues cycle is from September 2018 through June 2019: $30 for professionals and $20 for students. If you haven’t yet paid, you can now conveniently pay online

Articles & Mixed Media

  • Do you want to retire on your own timetable? According to a recent report, the odds are against you.
    • Listen to one of the report scholars give a more in-depth explanation of laws around workplace ageism.  
  • Life expectancy of Massachusetts residents is on the rise, though national life expectancy has declined. You can learn more from this DPH press release
  • Marc Freedman, founder of Encore, has a new book out: “How to Live Forever: The Enduring Power of Connecting the Generations”. Click here for an interview with the author.
  • Check out this American Society on Aging blog post suggesting a new strengths-based approach to Alzheimer’s and dementia. 
  • What can we learn from people’s last words before they die? This article in The Atlantic reviews what we know so far.
  • Read about the particular challenges women face finding friends over 50 and what one group of women is doing about it.
  • Navigating healthcare for older adults is a real challenge. Listen to some advice from experts in the field of aging.
  • New York Times reporter John Leland starting following six people over 85 back in 2015. His most recent article updates us on the lives of the four still living. Click here for earlier articles in the series. 

We look forward to seeing many of you in February!
~Ilana Klarman, Boston Bridge Board Vice President