Monthly Scoop: April 2018

The Monthly Scoop:

Thank you to Samantha Brady, research specialist at the MIT AgeLab, for speaking with us about the difference between social isolation and loneliness, the economic and health benefits of social relationships, and how exercise can help foster social connection as we age.

For Our May Meeting:

  • May Speaker
    • We look forward to welcoming Philippe Saad, Associate Principal architect at DiMella Shaffer, to our next meeting on Wednesday, May 16th.
  • Membership Dues:
    • Be sure to pay your yearly membership dues before our June 20th members only meeting. You can now pay online! Annual membership dues are $30 for professionals and $20 for students.


  • Massachusetts has been officially welcomed by the AARP to its network of Age-Friendly States! We are the second state to make this commitment. Learn more here.
  • Could Artificial Intelligence detect signs of Alzheimer’s earlier? What implications might this have for drug trials? Click here to find out!
  • Did you know approximately 75,000 people over age 60 are visited by Meals on Wheels each day? Learn more about the impact of these visits.
  • Read this powerful perspective on appreciating death.
  • Joint replacement surgeries are in high demand among the baby boomer generation. This Boston Globe article covers expectations and innovations.
  • Did you know that dancing might help reduce the likelihood of getting dementia? Find out more here.
  • Lack of sleep has been linked to increased likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Read about the booming sleep industry and interest among baby boomers.

Mixed Media

  • April is National Healthcare Decisions Month! Peruse this resource to Prepare for Your Care.
  • Check out MIT students’ re-design of everyday objects for older adults.
  • Older adults are frequent targets of scam artists. The AARP is responding with a new podcast: “The Perfect Scam“. Hear first-hand scam stories and tips to protect yourself.
  • Let’s face it: the stuff we own will likely become someone else’s burden when we die. A new book has a plan. Check out “The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning”.
  • Watch this CBS clip highlighting the power of Dementia Smell Therapy to spark powerful memories for nursing home residents with dementia.

We look forward to seeing many of you in May!
~Ilana Klarman, Boston Bridge Board Member