Monthly Scoop: April 2015

It was another great evening at Boston Bridge. Thank you to Jim Wessler for sharing his story and that of the work he and his staff do at the Alzheimer’s Association. Dementia and memory loss are a difficult but realistic aspect of the work that we do and it is important to educate ourselves and others on it.
Next Meeting
We will have our final meeting of the year on May 20th. Please stay tuned for more info!
Job Board
We consistently update our job board (and will include openings at the Alzheimer’s Association shortly). Please check it out under the Members tab.
Attached is a flyer about a film screening and panel discussion on The Genius of Marian on April 28th. This is timely because of our talk last night on the experience of having Alzheimer’s disease.
Age-Friendly Initiative
This is a 5 minute recap of the Age-Friendly Boston Civic Academy which we learned about from our February speaker Andrea Burns.
In the news
This is an article and radio piece on a Dutch nursing home that allows young students to live there rent-free in exchange for volunteering in the home.
There is a controversial court case happening in Iowa now that revolves around sex and dementia. We have not explored sexuality and aging in any of our meetings explicitly, but I applaud the Hebrew Home at Riverdale which is mentioned in the article for having a “sexual rights policy”.
In the media
This is an article and radio piece about the book The Age of Dignity by Ai-Jen Poo. She focuses on the desperate need for more caregivers and other professionals in aging with the oncoming elder boom. We are ahead of the game on this one!
For those of you who are watching the TV show Better Call Saul, which is a prequel to Breaking Bad, the second half of the season follows the main character as he opens an elder care law practice! He even discovers a scam in a large assisted living corporation. Check it out when you have time!
For your pleasure
Click here. No description needed.
See you in May!