May 18th: MassTech/MeHi Caregiving Initiative Presentation & Panel

This meeting will be held at 6pm via Zoom. RSVP Here

MassTech/MeHI’s Caregiving Initiative: The Massachusetts Caregiver Coalition is an innovative team of leading employers, advocates, and government partners committed to recognizing, supporting, and building creative solutions that allow family caregivers to continue to thrive in the workplace while also caring for family at home.  Their mission is to partner with, encourage, and challenge Massachusetts employers wherever they are in their progress of supporting employee caregivers by:

  • Illuminating the needs of employee caregivers and their economic impact;
  • Identifying, sharing, and leveraging best practices inclusive of all employer sizes, locations and types of workforce;
  • Championing employee caregiver policies; and
  • Enabling culture change for caregivers across all sectors of the economy.


  • Ben Linville-Engler, Chief Investment Strategist and Program Executive at MassTech
  • Laurance Stuntz, SVP of Customer Success at Xealth & Co-Founder of Massachusetts Caregiver Coalition through Massachusetts eHealth Initiative
  • Alexandra Drane, CEO & Co-founder of ARCHANGELS

April 20th: Alice Bonner, PhD, RN, FAAN

This meeting will be held at 6pm via Zoom. RSVP Here

We will be joined by Alice Bonner, PhD, RN, FAAN,Former Secretary of the Executive Office of Elder Affairs for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and current Adjunct Faculty and Director of Strategic Partnerships for the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing CAPABLE Program, and Senior Advisor for Aging at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI).

Dr. Bonner’s talk is entitled Age-Friendly Health Systems, Communities, and a Time for Leadership:

 Many different professional organizations, health systems, community-based organizations and government agencies are working to become Age-Friendly. Unfortunately, these efforts are not always aligned or integrated. This presentation will give an overview of some of the current state and national initiatives and will talk about how each of us may play a leadership role – from wherever we are.

January 19: Aarabi Balasubramanian

This meeting will be held at 6pm via Zoom. RSVP Here

Our speaker this month will be Aarabi Balasubramanian, Founder & CEO of EmTech Care Labs, an early stage tech startup based in Cambridge. She is currently developing Care-Wallet, a digital long-term care management solution for home-based family caregiving.

Aarabi is also a strategy executive with extensive business, innovation & operations leadership experience across healthcare, financial services and technology industries. She is very passionate about the evolutionary application of technology for societal progress, in particular, access to better healthcare, financial wellness and aging well. Aarabi will provide an overview of the state of innovation & technology in the aging marketspace and also share her own entrepreneurial experiences including how her team is addressing long-term care needs and challenges.

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November 17: Amy Rosenthal/Health Care for All

This meeting will be held at 6pm via Zoom. RSVP Here

Our November speaker wtill be Amy Rosenthal, the Executive Director of Health Care for All (HCFA). HCFA advocates for health justice in MA by working to promote health equity and ensure coverage and access for all. Amy will inform us about their outreach efforts to ensure coverage for those with low literacy or those with limited access. She will also share the issues for which they are presently advocating in the state legislature and what Boston Bridge can do to assist those efforts.

Oct 20: Home Care Aide Council & Home Care Alliance of MA

Hi all! We can’t wait to see you virtually this October to kick off the new year of Boston Bridge.

We will have representatives from the Home Care Aide Council & Home Care Alliance of MA joining us to discuss the direct care workforce.

They’ll discuss what working in home care is like (home health aide, homemaker, etc.), who works in these positions, and how these services are paid for. They’ll discuss the safety challenges, interdisciplinary challenges, and what the field has learned about protecting this essential workforce and their clients in the last year. We hope you’ll join us for a discussion of these very timely issues.

June 2021: BB Networking

The meeting will be held 6:00pm to 7:30pm on Zoom. RSVP here

You will receive Zoom details when you register.

This year has been an unusual one, and the Boston Bridge Board would like to thank you for your patience and participation as we relied on Zoom for all of our meetings. We recognize that this new format left less opportunity for the networking for which Boston Bridge is known.

This month we will devote our meeting to networking with one another through small breakout sessions. Come ready to chat and make connections!