Jordan Liebhaber Scholarship

Are you age 18-30 with an interest in the elder services field?

Consider applying for the Jordan Liebhaber Scholarship.

Jordan Liebhaber was one of the 40 founding members of Boston Bridge. He was eager to have a mentor in the field of aging and, based on his interests, Boston Bridge asked Adam Berman from Chelsea Jewish Foundation to be his mentor.  It was a perfect match and Jordan was soon offered a job at Chelsea Jewish Foundation. He happily worked there until his untimely and sudden death. Boston Bridge remembers Jordan and is so pleased his family has offered Boston Bridge members a chance to apply for scholarship money in his memory.

The intention of the scholarship fund is to carry forward Jordan’s clear values and good works to help make the world a better, more caring place for our elders. The funds can be used for such purposes as: seminar enrollment, professional organization membership, conference attendance fee, project materials; the average scholarship amount is $500.

For more information about how to apply, click here.

*Don’t worry that the date at the top of the page is 2016/2017, proposals are viewed on a rolling basis.