Boston Bridge Completes 4th Year!

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Boston Bridge finished up its successful first year as an affiliate with the MIT AgeLab in Cambridge. The AgeLab, under the direction of Dr. Joseph Coughlin, “was created in 1999 to invent new ideas and creatively translate technologies into practical solutions that improve people’s health and enable them to ‘do things’ throughout the lifespan” (taken from the AgeLab website).

We now have a permanent home at MIT for our ongoing professional development forums. In return for our new home and association with a world class academic institution, we are thrilled that Boston Bridge members who work directly with older adults will be of assistance to Dr. Coughlin and the AgeLab staff. We look forward to a rewarding and successful partnership.

Directions to the MIT Sloan School of Management, where all of our meetings are held, can be found here.

Who We Are

The mission of Boston Bridge is to provide opportunities for professional development, networking, career growth, and mentorship to its members.

The vision of Boston Bridge is to inspire and invigorate connected, passionate, and informed professionals to be a part of the transformation of an aging America.*

Co-founder Barbara Friedman, Secretary of Elder Affairs Ann Hartstein, and co-founder Elana Kieffer

Co-founder Barbara Friedman, Secretary of Elder Affairs Ann Hartstein, and co-founder Elana Kieffer

Boston Bridge is a growing group of emerging professionals in the field of aging who work or study in Greater Boston. Fields of study and interest include law, business, marketing, social work, expressive arts therapy, medicine, affordable housing, design, public health, nutrition, fundraising, and public policy. Meetings are held on a regular basis to learn how these fields intersect with older adults. During these meetings, established professionals share their expertise and networking opportunities promote professional growth and career prospects.

How to Get Involved

Membership in Boston Bridge is open to any emerging professional in, or interested in, the field of aging. Email Elana Kieffer with any questions. The mentorship program is open, and optional, for any Boston Bridge member. Members of Boston Bridge can become involved in program development, membership recruitment, website blogs, writing for a future newsletter, or can simply attend meetings for professional development and to network with peers.

*Borrowed heavily from Mission and Vision of Chicago Bridge.

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Our beautiful view from the Sloan building.